Services of Olney EMS


Olney EMS is the primary 9-1-1 provider for approximately 900 square miles of Young, Archer, and Baylor Counties.

Interfacility Transfers

Since Olney Hamilton Hospital is lacking many specialties that our customers require, Olney EMS provides transport from one hospital to another to provide that care.


Specialty Transport

Olney EMS is frequently called on to transport patients with special circumstances, from severe obesity to ventilator dependency to.

What ever your circumstances, Olney EMS has the capability to meet your EMS transport needs. We staff two MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Units) 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We also have a third ambulance that may be staffed intermittently when demand is high. Our staff includes Texas and National Certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Advanced EMTs, Paramedics, and Critical Care Transport Paramedics. When special situations call for it, we can also utilize expert staff from Olney Hamilton Hospital to assist.

Olney EMS is located at 204 S Ave M, Olney, TX 76374

Call 9-1-1 for Emergencies, 940-564-5027 to arrange special transport, and FAX 940-564-5017